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Piggy D

He first assumed control bass obligations with Rob Zombie from current Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko, playing "American Witch" live on the Late Show with David Letterman just before getting the second leg of the Educated Horses visit in late 2006. Right up 'til the present time, he keeps up an effective solo profession while playing with Zombie.

Piggy co-coordinated a short 10-minute motion picture entitled Along Came a Spider: the Movie for Alice Cooper's most recent collection which was discharged on the authority YouTube-page for the new collection on October 2, 2008. The motion picture included three tunes from the collection: "Retribution is Mine," "(In Touch with Your) Feminine Side", and "Slaughtered by Love." The video stars Alice Cooper, Slash, Roxxi Dott, Howie Pyro, and Dave Pino. Piggy D. additionally contributed all the visual computerization for the collection including the collection cover and various secret publications. Piggy D has additionally contributed collection work of art for John 5's performance collections. His work highlights on Remixploitation (2009), Requiem (2008) and The Devil Knows My Name (2007). Piggy D likewise co-composed the workmanship for the freshest Lita Ford collection Wicked Wonderland.

In 2009, Piggy co-composed and delivered the principal ever Alice Cooper Halloween tune, "Keepin' Halloween Alive." The single was discharged digitally on iTunes, and a restricted release CD. A sparkle oblivious 7" record has additionally been discharged.

February 2010 saw the arrival of the primary studio collection with Zombie that included Piggy. The melody "The Man Who Laughs" was co-composed by Piggy.

In 2011, Piggy co-composed with David Spreng, Bob Ezrin and Alice Cooper for the since quite a while ago held up continuation Welcome 2 My Nightmare. The track "Keep going Man On Earth" is included on the collection.

Piggy and trial vocalist Shannon Gallant started cooperating again following a 5-year rest, and started work another recording venture called The Haxans. The pair have discharge two singles "With a savage cruelty" and "Dark Cat Bone."

In 2011, Piggy was welcome to co-compose and co-deliver the presentation collection for The Doom Party. A discharge date has not been set.

In 2013, Piggy added to the tune composing for the new Rob Zombie collection Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor with the melody "Lucifer Rising". Piggy uses ESP basses.

In 2016, Piggy reported that he was teaming up with Ash Costello from New Years Day on another venture called The Haxans. The principal single "Chains" was discharged on June 6, 2016.

Piggy bank

Piggy bank (at times penny bank or cash box) is the conventional name of a coin compartment typically utilized by youngsters. The piggy bank is referred to gatherers as a "still bank" rather than the "mechanical banks" prevalent in the mid twentieth century. These things are additionally frequently utilized by organizations for limited time purposes. The utilization of the name 'piggy bank' offered ascend to its broadly perceived "pig" shape, and numerous money related administrations organizations utilize piggy banks as logos for their funds items.

Piggy banks are normally made of artistic or porcelain.[1] They are for the most part painted and serve as an instructive gadget to educate the basics of thrift and reserve funds to youngsters; cash can be effectively embedded. Numerous piggy banks have an elastic fitting situated on the underside; others are made of vinyl and have a removable eye for simple coin get to. Some fuse electronic frameworks which figure the measure of cash deposited.[2] Some piggy banks don't have an opening other than the space for embeddings coins, which will prompt to crushing the piggy save money with a mallet or by different means, to acquire the cash inside.

Pygg is an orange shaded mud generally utilized amid the Middle Ages as a modest material for pots to store cash, called pygg pots or pygg jars.[3] There is debate regarding whether "pygg" was essentially a colloquial variation of "pig."[4] By the eighteenth century, the expression "pig shake" had developed to "pig bank".[5] As ceramic was supplanted by different materials, for example, glass, mortar, and plastic, the name slowly started to allude particularly to the state of the bank, rather than what was utilized to make it.

The most seasoned Western find of a cash box dates from second century BC Greek settlement Priene, Asia Minor, and elements the state of a smaller than usual Greek sanctuary with an opening in the pediment. Cash boxes of different structures were additionally unearthed in Pompeii and Herculaneum, and show up much of the time on late antiquated common destinations, especially in Roman Britain and along the Rhine.[6]

The Javanese and Indonesian term cèlèngan (truly "resemblance of a wild boar",[n 1] yet used to mean both "funds" and "piggy bank") is likewise utilized as a part of the setting of household banks. The historical background of the word is dark, however apparent in a Majapahit piggy bank from the fifteenth century. A few pig molded piggy banks have been found at the expansive archeological site encompassing Trowulan, a town in the Indonesian region of East Java and conceivable site of the capital of the antiquated Majapahit Empire. These are presumably the wellspring of the Javanese-Indonesian word alluding to funds or cash holders. Another Javanese-Indonesian equivalent word for investment funds is tabungan, which gets from the word for "tube" or "barrel". This emerges from another strategy for making coin holders by utilizing a bit of encased bamboo section finished with an opening into which coins are embedded. One vital Majapahit piggy bank example is housed at the National Museum of Indonesia. It has been recreated, as this huge piggy bank was discovered broken into pieces. Majapahit earthenware coin compartments have been found in an assortment of shapes, including tubes, jolts and boxes, each with an opening into which to embed coins.


The general utilization of piggy banks is to store spare change in a curious, improving way. Present day piggy banks are not constrained to the similarity of pigs, and may arrive in a scope of shapes, sizes and hues. As bolted cash boxes with a slender opening to drop money or coins, they are most ordinarily utilized by sanctuaries and holy places. The container is opened by means of an attachment underneath it at customary interims, when the gathered cash is tallied and recorded.

Celebrated piggy banks[edit]

Rachel, the informal mascot of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, is a bronze cast piggy bank that weighs about 600 pounds (270 kg), situated at the side of Pike Place under "People in general Market Center" sign. Rachel was outlined by neighborhood craftsman Georgia Gerber.

The Disney/Pixar motion pictures Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 include a character named Hamm, a wisecracking, vivified piggy bank voiced by John Ratzenberger.

The Price Is Right valuing diversion Any Number uses a piggy bank symbol to speak to the amusement's incidental award, that sum in dollars and pennies.

How about we Make a Deal has a diversion, "Crush for Cash," in which a competitor requests that broadcaster Jonathan Magnum crush piggy banks. A contender who procures enough money ($1, $2, or Zonks in every piggy bank) can win a money reward of $20,000, yet can't discover both Zonks. In the form facilitated by Monty Hall, one of the three entryways in the day's Big Deal at times shrouded "Monty's Piggy Bank," which contained a money grant.

Piggy Tales

Piggy Tales is a Finnish PC animated[1] TV arrangement in view of Bad Piggies, a turn off of Angry Birds. Enlivened in a style looking like mud activity, the arrangement concentrate on the life of the follower pigs, and it has no dialogue.[1] It was delivered by Rovio Entertainment, with a French studio Cube Creative and its executive Remi Chapotot energizing and coordinating 13 scenes of the series.[1][2] Piggy Tales was discharged on the ToonsTV channel through the Angry Birds applications and on the ToonsTV website,[3] with the principal season airing between 11 April 2014 and 10 October 2014.[4][5] The arrangement proceeded with the scene "Snowed up" as a Christmas unique, and proceeded with from that point with the season finale airing on 31 March 2015. A second season, Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, appeared on ToonsTV and YouTube on 17 April 2015 with the principal scene being "Nailed it!"[6] The third season, subtitled Third Act, debuted on 13 June 2016.[7] As of June 2016, the entire programe consolidated had been seen more than 1 billion times.[7]
#TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1"Trampoline"[8]Erkki LiljaAntoine Vignon & Erkki Lilja11 April 2014
A pig jumps on a trampoline when it's not supposed to and ends up stuck on the ceiling.
2"Roughnecks"[9]Chris SadlerChris Sadler18 April 2014
Pigs are working with wood and hammers. (I mean, why not?)
3"The Abduction"[10]Erkki LiljaErkki Lilja25 April 2014
A pig makes fun of a teeny tiny pig-alien spaceship, and then he becomes the spaceship.
4"Teeter Trotter"[11]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot2 May 2014
A small pig tries to help a big pig to go up instead of weighing down on the teeter totter.
5"The Hole"[12]Chris SadlerChris Sadler9 May 2014
Pigs discover a wind-blowing hole and start goofing off around it, causing them to fall.
6"Push Button"[13]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot16 May 2014
A naughty pig selfishly wipes out an estimated number of 27 pigs before getting squashed itself.
7"The Mirror"[14]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot23 May 2014
8"Super Glue"[15]JP SaariJP Saari30 May 2014
A pig finds super glue, and get stuck to one pig, and soon gets stuck to 14 other pigs.
9"Piggy in the Middle"[16]Chris SadlerChris Sadler6 June 2014
Two pigs are playing with a ball, another pig tries to join in and catch the ball.
10"Epic Sir Bucket"[17]Erkki LiljaErkki Lilja13 June 2014
A pig tries to be a warrior. (This episode is based on Angry Birds Epic.)
11"Push-button Trouble"[18]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot20 June 2014
12"Sha-Zam!"[19]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot27 June 2014
Two pigs find a magic wand, they use it on each other to morph into different objects.
13"Puffed Up"[20]Chris SadlerChris Sadler & David Vinicombe4 July 2014
Two pigs have a breathing contest, and one gets puffed up and blown out like a balloon by the other.
14"Peekaboo!"[21]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot11 July 2014
15"Up Or Down?"[22]Ville LepistoVille Lepisto18 July 2014
16"Gloves"[23]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot25 July 2014
2 pigs act wrong and awry with gloves, while one pig uses them correctly but the other two disagree.
17"Snooze"[24]Cesar ChevalierCesar Chevalier2 August 2014
One pig wakes up at an estimated time of 5:13am, he needs to let his brother know it's time for work by using noisy stuff like trains and alarm clocks.
18"Superpork"[25]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot8 August 2014
A super pig tries many ways to save the world by catching a red-handed bank robber along with his sidekick. (This episode is based on Superman.)
19"Cake Duel"[26]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot15 August 2014
Two pigs have a Wild West themed duel out for what is thourght to be a strawberry shortcake.
20"Dr. Pork, M.D"[27]JP SaariJP Saari & Sara Wahl22 August 2014
Dr. Pork helps 3 pigs, which one happens to be the pig from episode three.
21"Hog Hoops"[28]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot29 August 2014
22"The Cure"[29]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot5 September 2014
23"Up The Tempo"[30]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot12 September 2014
The pig from episode 2 is back conscruting a random contraption (Because why not?) His friend is however using a microphone, this causes both to mess around with it.
24"Jammed"[31]Sara WahlEric Guaglione & Sara Wahl19 September 2014
25"Fly Piggy, Fly!"[32]Remi ChapototRemi Chapotot26 September 2014
A pig wants to fly to space with his poorly made helicopter. (This episode is based on Bad Piggies.)
26"The Game"[33]Ville Lepisto & Janne RoivainenVille Lepisto & Janne Roivainen3 October 2014
27"The Catch"[5]JP SaariJP Saari and Jenny Meissner & Jaakko Stenius10 October 2014
28"Snowed Up"[34]Cesar Chevalier and Chris SadlerChris Sadler and David Vinicombe16 December 2014
29"The Wishing Well"[35]Cesar ChevalierErkki Lilja17 March 2015
The same two pigs from episode 12 (Shazam!) this time find a well, an extra pig throws in an apple, that is when magic happens giving the pig 8 more apples.
30"Stuck In?"[36]Cesar ChevalierGonzalo Diaz-Palacios & Cesar Chevalier24 March 2015
A pig wants to claim the sacred sword in many ways, but it is too hard for him, then a different one ends up getting it out of the stone.
31"It's a Wrap"[37]JP SaariJoonas Rissanen & JP Saari31 March 2015
This episode shows the cast of Piggy Tales (All the pigs) tidy up as it's the end of season one, but another season awaits..

Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work (2015)[edit]

#TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1"Nailed it!"[38]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel17 April 2015
A nail won't stay in the hole when a pig tries to drill it in.
2"Lunch Break"[39]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland24 April 2015
Haven't you heard? It's lunchtime!
3"Screw Up"[40]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland1 May 2015
The two pigs' balloon falls and the one pig tries to fix it. But things don't go exactly how they're planned.
4"Pile Up"[41]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel8 May 2015
5"Step 1"[42]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel15 May 2015
6"Jackhammered"[43]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland22 May 2015
7"Race Nut"[44]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland29 May 2015
8"Predicament in Paint"[45]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland5 June 2015
9"Get the Hammer"Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel12 June 2015
10"Fabulous Fluke"Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel19 June 2015
11"Magnetic Appeal"[46]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland26 June 2015
12"Porkatron"[47]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland3 July 2015
13"Grand Opening"[48]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel10 July 2015
14"Lights Out"[49]Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland17 July 2015
The pigs are having fun when the lightbulb is out.
15"Tipping Point"Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland24 July 2015
16"All Geared Up"Philippe RollandPhilippe Rolland30 July 2015
17"Dream House"[50]Eric GuaglioneJavier Espinosa7 August 2015
18"Home Sweet Home"[51]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel14 August 2015
19"Mind The Gap"[52]Eric GuaglioneJuanma Sanchez Cervantes21 August 2015
After there is a gap, two pigs are up to fix it.
20"Unhinged"[53]Fabien WeibelAmi Lindholm28 August 2015
A pig seems to be having trouble with opening it's lunchbox.
21"Sticky Situation"[54]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel4 September 2015
22"Final Exam"[55]Fabien WeibelFabien Weibel11 September 2015
A pig is being tested for the final time.
23"Three Little Piggies"[56]Philippe RolandPhilippe Roland18 September 2015
24"Board to Pieces"[57]Eric GuaglioneEric Guaglione25 September 2015

Piggy Tales: Third Act (2016)[edit]

  • In the third season of Piggy Tales, the pigs' design was based on that of their design in The Angry Birds Movie.
#TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
0"Wrong Floor"[58]Meruan SalimFabien Weibel3 June 2016
The Pig Is Having Trouble Pushing The Buttons in The Elevator To Have A Funny Play.
1"Bouncing Buffoon"[59]Meruan SalimMeruan Salim, Kim Helminen and Sara Wahl10 June 2016
The Pig Is Sitting Down On The Bench With The Balloon.
2"Up The Ladder"[60]Meruan SalimMeruan Salim17 June 2016
The Pig Had A Big Trouble Fixing All The Lights.
3"Sharpest Shooter"[61]Meruan SalimMeruan Salim24 June 2016
The Pigs Were Playing Slingshot With Apples And Toilet Pumps.
4"Snack Time"[62]Thomas LepeskaDuncan Rochfort1 July 2016
The Pig Had A Hard Time Getting His Snack.
5"Batter Up"[63]Meruan SalimDuncan Rochfort8 July 2016
He Was Making A Cooking Show In The Stage And Throwing Food In Others.
6"Magic Matchup"[64]Arnaud Janvier and Francois DufourArnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour22 July 2016
The Piggies Were Doing Magic Mixup.
7"The Bubble Trick"[65]Arnaud Janvier and Francois DufourArnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour29 July 2016
They Were Doing Funny Bubble Tricks.
8"Piggy Dive"[66]Thomas LepeskaThomas Lepeska, Meruan Salim, Stefano Camelli, Duncan Rochfort and Joonas Rissanen5 August 2016
That One Pig Was Scared Dive Into The Small Tiny Pool.
9"One Big Hurdle"[67]Meruan SalimJoonas Rissanen12 August 2016
That Pig Is Trying To Run Very Fast To Jump A Hurdle.
10"Piggy Vaulting"[68]TBATBA19 August 2016
Pig Had Hard Time Jumping With A Vault To A Maximum Level.

Home media[edit]

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the DVD distributor for the series.
  • Piggy Tales: The Complete 1st Season (1 December 2015)[69]
  • Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work: The Complete 2nd Season (4 March 2016)[70]


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